The Fire Circle

One of the most exciting activities within Forest School, safely lightning a fire, really helps to bring the Forest School Family together. It is vitally important that appropriate steps are taken to make sure the children enjoy the fire safely. A copy of the Fire Risk Assessment is available on request from the school. 

When using the fire the Forest School Leader must supervise it at all times. The children are only allowed to approach the fire if invited by the leader, in small groups. 

Children and other members of staff may learn to use the flint & steel to light the fire as part of learning to build, light and maintain the fire. The children will learn about different ways to do this. They will learn how to safely extinguish a fire and how to check for embers. 

There is normally at least one session focused on cooking over a campfire, and most sessions include an opportunity for a hot drink (such as hot chocolate) as part of the 'drawing together' part of the session. 

Here at Beaver Green we have been lucky enough to have a FANTASTIC shelter built that houses our fire pit.