At Beaver Green Primary School, it is our intent that we make music an enjoyable experience. The children’s understanding and enjoyment of music are developed through performing, composing, listening and appraising. 

To fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum we have subscribed to Charanga. Charanga is designed so non-specialist teachers can provide high quality music lessons. Teachers with specialisms in music are not constrained by the scheme and can use their expert knowledge alongside the scheme to further enrich the children's learning.

Our teaching focuses on developing the children’s understanding of rhythm and how to follow a beat. Singing songs and listening to music from a variety of genres enables the children to develop their descriptive language skills as well as learning about how music can represent different feelings and emotions. We also encourage children to discuss music using technical vocabulary.

In addition to Charanga, each year group has been assigned an instrument to learn from violins and recorders to a variety of drums, through which we aim to build up the confidence of all and nurture hidden talents.

To instil a sense of pride, accomplishment and community, we have weekly key stage singing assemblies where children learn a song to perform at the end of term together as a whole school.

At Beaver Green, there is an opportunity for children to take lessons on a wide variety of instruments with the peripatetic teachers from Kent Music. In addition to this, children can develop instrumental skills and experience performing as part of a rock band in weekly lessons with Rock Steady. 

We hope that children who have had these experiences in music will have a developed self belief and confidence, and that they may find a passion or lifelong love of music.