Our aim at Beaver Green Primary School is for all children to develop a secure foundation of mathematical knowledge and skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Children will learn essential basic skills, enabling them to build a confident, deeper and wider understanding of more complex and challenging mathematics. We aim for all children in our school to become competent and confident mathematicians who are able to fully engage with the maths required during everyday life and who are prepared for the more complex secondary maths curriculum they will need to engage with in the future.

Teaching of Mathematics follows the National Curriculum and reflects changes introduced in 2014 for Key Stage 2. Currently, the Power Maths scheme of work drives the mathematics curriculum and is supported by recent and relevant staff CPD.

In EYFS and Year 1 we follow the White Rose maths scheme, which supports children in learning the fundamentals behind the meaning of numbers and exploring other key mathematical areas.

Through our teaching and learning of maths, we aspire for all children to develop a genuine interest and enjoyment of maths which will enable them to make links between concepts studied and recognise the benefit of their knowledge and skills beyond school.