Forest School Rules

Forest School is very different to 'normal' school. The rules are different, and children are allowed to do things that they wouldn't normally be allowed to do, tree climbing for example is allowed after a collective 'risk assessment' discussion about how we can keep each other safe.  There are rules about how to keep each other safe around the fire circle and for using tools, but we have one basic rule: 

‘No pick, no lick, be careful with that stick!'

Children are allowed to explore the flora and fauna that lives within the Forest School but they are not to pick leaves, flowers or fungi. They are not to eat or lick anything they see in the Forest School as it could be something the children have not come across before, and may not be safe for consumption. Children are allowed to play with sticks - they can become dens, magic wands, bows & arrows - but they must be mindful of other people around them, and may not run with sticks in their hands.


The Countryside Code

Forest School helps children to develop a connection with the natural world. Indeed, it has been said that in order to encourage our children to take care of the natural world it is essential that our children have a strong connection with it. Our children are taught about how to treat the natural world with respect. We are mindful of the Countryside Code: 

  • Be safe, plan ahead & follow any signs.

  • Leave gates and property as you find them.

  • Protect plants & animals; take home any litter.

  • Consider other people.