At Beaver Green Primary School, we consider reading the key to success in all learning and therefore, we place reading at the heart of all we do. From the very youngest years, we ensure that children are exposed to high-quality texts, which engage them as listeners, challenge them as decoders and inspire them as  writers. We aim to develop a love of literature, so that our children enjoy and apply rich vocabulary - both orally (through discussion, presentation, debate and drama) and in their written work. We encourage debate and discussion of current affairs.

Our school library reflects Britain’s diverse population and we place great emphasis upon ‘reading for pleasure’ for all members of our school community;  children are aware of the literature choices of staff and we ensure that staff are seen reading regularly. We aim, as a result, that our children are able to discuss books and authors with confidence, make informed choices from our library and offer recommendations – from classic children’s books to modern  releases and those relevant to topical issues of the time – to others. We intend that children leave Beaver Green prepared, not only to face the challenges of their further education, but also to thoughtfully consider their roles – and the value of the contribution they can make – as reading, writing and thinking citizens of the wider Beaver Green community and within the world at large.