Beaver Green school is a centre of excellence in computing and we provide high-quality teaching that is led across the school by our computing lead.  Our computing curriculum intends to offer a wide range of digital expertise that introduce a variety of routes for children to consider for their future.  By allowing children to access our in-depth computing curriculum from an early age, we are able to give pupils opportunities to succeed and to encourage pupils to excel in a technology driven world. 

At Beaver Green, we offer a selection of digital skills to broaden and deepen learners’ understanding of computing.  Computing is fast-paced and is constantly changing and developing. We are living in a technology-based world so we offer a range of opportunities by ensuring that our computing curriculum reflects this. Additionally, in keeping with our high quality safeguarding for our school community, we ensure our computing curriculum embeds e-safety in a way that is mindful of the ever-evolving dangers faced by our pupils when using digital media in its many forms. Also, we take part in Safer Internet Day each year and revisit the topics raised regularly.

We aspire for our pupils to receive a high-quality computing education. This will provide an array of digital skills to succeed beyond the primary setting with our intent to ensure children are well equipped for technological advances and have a baseline knowledge for when they leave primary school.