We are teaching and learning remotely for much of the school population. This is new for teachers, children and parents and as such it is likely that you will have feedback about how it is working, or you may have an issue or a problem that you'd like some help with. 

For any problems, queries, feedback or complaints about remote learning please use the form here: to let us know. 


At Beaver Green Primary School we try our best to ensure that the needs of all our children, parents/carers and staff are met and that our school is a safe and happy place for all.  However, we do recognise that at times concerns can arise, or mistakes are made, and we ask that these are brought to our attention as soon as possible to allow us time to investigate an incident or problem and resolve the issue.

Problems sometimes arise from misunderstandings which can be easily addressed.  Most concerns and complaints can be sorted out quickly by speaking with a member of staff. 

If you feel you have not been able to resolve an issue, then we have a clear complaints procedure for
you to follow.

A link to the complaints policy is below which clearly describes the procedure and provides timelines.

Summary of Complaints Procedure

Stage One Informal

In the first instance, the matter should be discussed directly with the member of staff concerned. 

Stage Two Complaint

The complaint should be raised formally in writing to the Head of School if not resolved at stage One. You should use the complaints form (a copy of this can be found in the complaints policy) to outline why you are unhappy and what you wish to see happen.

Stage Three Complaint

Complaints very rarely reach this level.  If not resolved, the complaint should be made in writing within 10 school days of the decision at Stage 2 for the attention of the Executive Headteacher via the Trust Governance Officer at the Trust Office (

Stage Four Final Complaints Stage Appeal Hearing of the Trust Complaints Panel

Complaints at this stage should be made via the Trust Governance Officer for the attention for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) within 10 school days of the decision at Stage 3.  It must be set out why you are unhappy and what you wish to see happen.

The Trust Governance Officer can be contacted via or at

Swale Academies Trust
Ashdown House
Johnson Road
ME10 1JS