Student Life


Beaver Green Primary School offers a variety of after-school clubs for children in Reception through to Year 6. These clubs provide a great opportunity for children to explore their interests, develop new skills and make friends.
Our strong links with the wider community has meant that we are able to offer after-school clubs to children who wouldn’t normally take part in them, such as martial arts, rock climbing, weight lifting and aerial hoop to name a few. 

Here are some of the clubs that are currently offered: 
Sports clubs: Football, netball, handball, aerial hoop, dance and circuit training club.
Creative clubs: colouring club, Disney club. 
Academic clubs: tutoring and homework club. 
Other clubs: gardening club, singing, farm and sand club. 

These clubs are typically held once a week for an hour and cost a small fee. Some clubs are open to all year groups, while others are specific for certain year groups.