Being Prepared

To enable everyone to get the most out of their Forest School sessions we encourage adults and children to bring their Forest School kit to change into before their session begins. If your child's session is first thing in the school day they are permitted to wear their Forest School kit to school but have their uniform ready to change into after the session has ended. 

The suggested kit will vary depending on the season, and the changes to the weather conditions. Below is a list of kit that your child will need to fully enjoy their session. Please note it is very likely to get muddy - please use old clothes wherever possible.

We keep a stock of kit to lend to children, including all in one weather suits and wellies. 


Forest School Kit List

Woolly hat / Sun hat


Waterproof coat, preferably with a hood

Fleece or jumper

Long trousers (in all weathers to protect against brambles and scratches)

Socks (ideally 2 pairs to help keep feet warm)

Wellies or 'stout' shoes/boots

Don't forget to bring your full uniform to change into if you're arriving at school in your FS kit. 

Carrier bag for wet/dirty clothing