Art and Design

At Beaver Green we aim to give all our children the opportunity to engage with a wide range of creative activities that both inspire and challenge them. We believe that all children should receive a high quality art and design education that will equip them with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to invent and create their own unique works of art, craft and design.

As our children progress through the school they should develop the ability to critique art and have a greater understanding of art and design, including an appreciation of famous artists, designers and architects throughout time. They should begin to understand and reflect upon how art and design has contributed to society and how it continues to shape, develop and inspire the world which we live in.

We aim to engage the children in a wide range of activities such as painting, sketching, sculpting, printing and designing. They will be allowed to express their individual ideas through art and encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions. At Beaver Green we believe that art enables children to develop their self-esteem, imagination, physical and critical skills, and helps support their emotional development and as such we actively encourage them to fully engage with this subject.