Year Groups

Year 3 Parables

Year 3 have been reflecting on the meaning of some parables (stories) from the Bible. 

Year 3 really enjoyed our RE day focussing on why the bible is important to Christians. We studied some parables from the Bible including The Good Samaritan and The Lost Sheep discussing the lessons each taught us. 

We sequenced the parables, completed quizzes and had some meaningful discussions. 

We then created some helping hands reflecting on who we could help and how we could be good Samaritans, it was so much fun.

The Lost Sheep

Watch this video with your child. Consider the meaning of the story together. How does this story relate to your life? 

The Good Samaritan 

Watch this video with your child and get them to tell you the story as you watch it together.  How does this story relate to your life?