Year Groups

Living History Workshops - Viking Day

Year 4 had Living History Workshops in for a Viking Day.

It was a fun-filled day of learning all about the Vikings and how they lived. We got to dress up and have our faces painted with traditional Viking designs. We got to hold Viking weapons and tools and many of us also tried on a chainmail headpiece that Viking warriors wore for battle. We were surprised at how heavy it was! 

Also, we got to play a traditional Viking game, involving bits of bone, and have a go at using a grinder to make our very own flour.

We spun wool and began to make a blanket, made pots out of clay and studied artefacts. We even made our very own potions to cure a number of ailments! 

In the afternoon, we got to make our very own Viking necklace, inscribing our names in Viking runes. To finish off our action-packed day, we learned some battle poses and competed class vs class to see who could be the most vicious vikings!